How can we support and educate tertiary practitioners?

We are currently considering how we can best support and educate teachers in tertiary teaching. Many teachers are appointed on the basis of their knowledge, qualifications and experience in their subject areas.  However many do not have pre-service or work integrated teacher education. 

Tertiary teachers' careers grow and develop over time. We would like to support teachers to have advanced career opportunities and believe we can assist and support teachers as they apply for promotions and advancement.

Teachers undertake many different activities, and we believe they need support and training to perform at their best. We have identified the following activities, and we are sure to have missed some. Please feel free to share additional activities you may undertake and provide us with suggestions on how we can further support you.

Teaching Activities

Course Design


Teaching classes

Managing online courses

Evaluating effectiveness of teaching

Research Activities

Research own teaching

Research in own discipline

Engaging in scholarship and further learning

Supporting research in a department

Managing research reporting processes.

Career Development

Managing own performance

Managing the performance of others.

Applying for promotion, awards and new positions. 

Management and Administration

Co-ordinating courses

Managing teaching teams

Leading programmes of study

Managing academic quality processes and reporting

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Great idea to go to the users in terms of what is required for a teacher education qualification.  And excellent to review the qualification as it stands.  I think it is very important for this to happen in concert with larger contributing factors. 

Ako Aotearoa carried out a Taking Stock review of tertiary education qualifications a year or so ago.  They are, right now, consulting on a mandatory tertiary teaching qualifications (up to L6) review (please see here).  I would think that any significant changes would be made as a consequence of that review so it would be wise to ensure that we are aligned - even though the levels differ.

Excellent timing

Thank you Sue, your comments are so true. I am not sure how to describe the myriad of things that teachers do to support their students beyond their role as teachers. We have always referred to these activities as pastoral care. What it means, who is involved, and how it is valued and implemented varies in disciplines, programmes and courses. You have me thinking that we should be considering these activities in their own space or at least as part of programme leadership and management. 

Over the years, I have watched a number of good projects and good people crash and burn because there was a lack of appropriate support, resource and training. Thanks for putting project management into a teaching context for us.

I would also stronly support inclusion of a focus on pastoral care - the importance of the warm realtiohsip with stuidents so that if they have issues/barriers to their learning they feel ok about seeking support and help, and also knowing what the boundaries are and how to notice, recognise and respond to students who need support and when and how to refer them to the range of servicea available to them - and which they pay for through their student services fees.  It would be great to support a focus on strengths- based approaches to students support, developing a sense of agency and self efficacy in students as part of teaching and learning.

Happy to be part of the conversation around this.


Seems to me that this is all wrapped up in the literature of 'relational' teaching.  Also happy to talk.

Hi Alison,

I am a huge fan of the Strengthsbased approach to pastoral care. Thank you for the reminder. I will ensure we are including it in our existing courses. 

This is great - there is a real need for us to be able to upskill as educators and a lack of appropriate qualifications on offer. Is it possible to include the changing face of teaching in terms of e learning or is that possibly another qualification?

Hello Vicki,

we do offer a course in Social Learning Technologies to help teachers transition themselves as their practice to the online environment of information and communication technology.

You can view it here.  Our aim is to embed the development of digital literacy across the curriculum to ensure students have an enhanced learning experience that sets them up for success. 

Lovely to hear from Tai Tokerau.


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