Adult Education at Unitec Institute of Technology

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GDHE Courses:

EDUC 6101 Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies Level 6 30 credits

EDUC 7101 Embedded Assessment

EDUC 7102 Social Learning Technologies Level 7 15 credits

EDUC 7103 Research Beginnings Level 7 15 credits

EDUC 7104 Developing Successful Performance Level 7 15 credits

EDUC 7735 Professional Practice in Education Portfolio Level 7 15 credits

EDUC 7736 Negotiated Studies Level 7 15 credits

EDUC 7107 Negotiated Project Level 7 30 credits

EDUC 7108 Negotiated Venture Level 7 60 credits

EDUC 8710 Educational Research Project Level 8 30 credits


Graduates of the programme join our Alumni here. 

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Programme Readings Access to key readings.



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