This article ties in quite nicely with the results of the Ministry of Education project on
digital information literacy from Diana (above). As a result of a study done on eLearners at Gazi
University in Turkey the author suggests a number of strategies that lecturers
can undertake to improve the information literacy self-efficacy, motivation and
learning of eLearners. These include using metacognitive strategies to foster self-efficacy and self-regulation and using elaboration strategies to
encourage students to integrate information - to make the relevant connections.
The article recommends developing student digital literacy competencies by
giving tasks that develop critical thinking and self-managing skills as well as
those that develop motivational and learning strategies in eLearners.


Kiliç-Çakmak, E. (2010). Learning strategies and motivational factors predicting information

literacy self-efficacy of e-learners. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 26(2), 192-208.

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