34 staff from all faculties gathered in the Unitec Library training room. They first took part in the Alien Invasion Scavenger Hunt, an orientation normally used for students. Using ipads and QR codes, small groups explored the library and eventually rescued the library from invasion by aliens, including a small but troublesome Dalek.

This was followed by a presentation/discussion by James Oldfield from Business. James has recently started an iPad CoP. James's five favourite things about using ipads are:

  1. Mobility - can roam around the room with it or, in fact, be anywhere - unlke the PC when you are teaching.
  2. Presenting - eg, can use the ipad to control a PC; students will even be able to push content to the datashow
  3. Collaboration - Google Docs, Twitter, Mindmeister - mindmapping tool, PollEv (polling through twitter, iphone or web)
  4. Making movies - cheap app $US6.50 for Avid, also iMovie
  5. Making ibooks - James has created his own and uses it with students as a textbook.

Good discussion flowed from this - with lots of questions for James. Several others told us what they were doing in classes with ipads, ranging from totally transformed learning in performing arts to ipad projects in the English language classroom.

Discussion followed about whether the pedagogy stacks up. It does - according to some: it is authentic learning and social constructivism.

There was more discussion about student behaviour, thinking patterns and whether students really can multi-task. Are they listening?

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Hi Fran, looking at the business environment it appears that they will need to be doing more of this multi tasking:  Refer to an article I recently read: Dividing attention deliberately: by Cathy Davidson in Harvard Business Review (P142) January-Feb 2012.


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