What professional skills do students need to acquire while studying to ensure successful careers.

Hello all,

I am currently preparing a resource to support the development of professional skills in graduate learning outcomes, course learning outcomes and assessment. I am very interested to know what you think are the key professional skills student should acquire while studying in their vocation or profession.  

So far, I have:


Collaboration in teams


Professional and ethical behaviour

Can you suggest some more?

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Critical Thinking and logic are what the employers are always complaining about . . . . 

Good point Alastair,  I think you will enjoy this piece from Daniel Kahnerman, a Nobel Prize winner who wrote Thinking, Fast and Slow. Our students tend to develop fast thinking skills, but lack the activities and processes which develop slower thinking skills. Academics, such as Jennifer Moon, believe that structured reflective practice can support slower, deeper thinking, but as Daniel says, it is quite tiring, and cannot be sustained all the time.  

Will be in touch with more on thinking skills.....


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