EDUC 5015 Embedded Assessment (15 credits)

How do we know our students are learning? 

How can assessment help students have significant and enriching learning experiences?

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welcome to the course. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this page, and all the resources and support you have available to you.

Your teacher is Diana Ayling. You can contact me in a variety of different ways I have listed most of them here.  You are welcome to use MeetMe to book an appointment with me.

A private group will be established for you to connect, communicate and collaborate. 

Your assessment activities: 


Nature of assessment

Learning outcomes


Assessment 1. Group Activity

1,2, 3





Assessment 2. Individual assignment

1,2, 3

Your learning:

1. Investigate and critique the conceptual and functional relationships of assessment practices to culture and purpose.


Is assessment changing?

Assessment and the Living Curriculum

Integrated Assessment

Authentic Assessment




Assessment 2020.pdf This is your link to the Teaching and Learning Community website.

2. Critically examine, assess and evaluate assessment practices. 


Designing, managing and evaluating assessments

Understanding formative assessments

Using self assessment

Effective assessment in the digital ageAssessment - A point of view

Group Assessment

3. Design innovative embedded assessments underpinned by principles and practices of learning theory.


Mapping the Living Curriculum Assessments

Evaluating your student portfolio assessment

Guide to Collaborative Learning



By the end of the course you will be able to:

Knowledge: the key concepts and principles of Embedded Assessment

Skills: Critique assessment practices, and design an innovative assessment.

Values: Appreciate the significance and impact of assessment in student learning.

People: Collaborate with and support peers and colleagues. 

Learn: Access, evaluate and share with your co-learners resources to add to your understanding and practice in assessment.

Integrate: Embed your learning experiences into your professional practice and record your development in your professional portfolio.

Assessments and Marking Schedules can be found here: 

Folder of assessments



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