EDUC 7104 Developing Successful Performance



“Some people are born with the gift of being happy for the moment, but most of us need some sort of plan to give our lives coherence. And since human beings are mostly virtuous, we need to feel good and useful, that others are happy round us, that no one suffers through our doing. All this besides being warm and fed, and healthy, and occupied, and a dozen other luxuries. Small wonder that happiness is a fitful state.”

Nan Fairbrother, An English Year


How can we develop our own plan for success? How can we manage our own performance as professionals? Who can help us learn? What can our experiences teach us?

Kia ora

welcome to EDUC 7104 Developing Successful Performance. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this page, and all the resources and support you have available to you.

Your teacher is Diana Ayling. You can contact me in a variety of different ways I have listed most of them here.  You are welcome to use MeetMe to book an appointment with me.


A private group will be established for you to connect, communicate and collaborate. 


Your assessment activities:


Nature of assessment

Learning outcomes



Assessment 1. Group discussion forum. Using an online community of practice the class mentors and supports each learner manage a professional dilemma with asynchronous dialogue. This assessment includes participation, a reflective summary of the experience and reference to relevant literature.

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Assessment 2.  ePortfolio – Which includes a reflective journal focusing on your professional practice. Summary of reflection based on 5 reflective writings, and a professional development plan and performance criteria for your on going professional development.

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EDUC 7104 Developing Successful Performance Course Handbook.

Your learning outcomes: (Please click to view the content for each learning outcome)

1. Investigate and critique the conceptual and functional relationships of learning organisations and communities of practice

2. Examine and evaluate the competencies and the implications of reflective practice on professional performance as leaders of learning.

3. Critically examine practices and issues of collaborative dialogue as learning conversations that support and grow successful performance.



Strengthsbased Learning


By the end of this course you will be able to:

Know: Understand the concepts and principles of organisational and personal performance.

Skills: Set your own career goals, and performance measures and evaluate your own performance.

Values: Appreciate your own strengths and potential.

People: Work collaboratively with colleagues.

Learn: More about developing yourself and you career. 

Integrate: Include in your practice into your annual performance review.

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