EDUC 7107 Negotiated Project Level 7 30 credits

Would you like to undertake a project in your teaching? Is your programme in need of revision, and enhancement?  Do you want to implement and evaluate a significant change in your operations?

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welcome to the course. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this page, and all the resources and support you have available to you.

Your teacher is Diana Ayling. You can contact me in a variety of different ways I have listed most of them here.  You are welcome to use MeetMe to book an appointment with me.

A private group will be established for you to connect, communicate and collaborate with other completing studies, projects and ventures.

Download the Course Descriptor here.  EDUC 7107 Negotiated Project.doc

Your assessment activities: 


Nature of assessment

Learning outcomes


Candidates will submit a single package of evidence of achievement for assessment. A critical self-reflection will be included in the submission. There will be an oral examination that considers issues arising in the assessment of the package . 

1,2, 3



Learning outcomes: 

Course aim: To enable you to undertake a project in the form of a development activity as an alternative way of achieving the graduate profile other than through course work.

Your learning:

1. Design a project that involves a development activity that aims to improve the effectiveness of learning and has outcomes that accord with identified aspects of the graduate profile, and is appropriate for the assigned level and credit rating.


Project management with virtual tools This is your link to the Teaching and Learning Community website.

2. Develop and negotiate a learning contract for the project, including resource, timeline and supervision arrangements..


The Learning Contract A (for work to be completed in the future)

The Learning Contract B (for work completed in the past)

Guidelines for Writing the Learning Contract

3.Implement and complete the project, reflect regularly on progress, and renegotiate the contract whenever required.


Project Plan link to Google Doc

Project Plan.docx



Dates and milestones will be agreed between you and your mentor/acdemic supervisor.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

Knowledge: the key concepts and principles of a subject of your choice.

Skills: Design, implement and evaluate a project that involves a development activity that has outcomes that accord with identified aspects of the graduate profile, and is appropriate for the assigned level and credit rating.

Values: Commit to an project to improve the effectiveness of learning.

People: Collaborate with peers, colleagues and your mentor/supervisor. 

Learn: Access, evaluate and share with your co-learners resources to support the development of successful performance.

Integrate: Embed your learning experiences into your professional practice and record your development in your professional portfolio.


Marking rubrics and full details of the assessment process.

Assessment Details


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Online evaluation of course.  GDHE Course evaluation survey

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