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Using Project-Based Learning to Cultivate Student Engagement and Trust

This is a delightful story of a teacher engaging students, using bring your own devices, and focusing on learner achievement. What can we learn from this example about curriculum, technology and student engagement? - Diana

“I hope that my book becomes at least one child’s favorite,” reflected Monique. “I worked really hard on my book to make sure that the children in Burkina Faso enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it for them.”

This spring, I assigned…


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Are you struggling to write a graduate profile that incorporates values? Take some inspiration from David Brooks

We often struggle to identify the values that underpin our programes of study. To stimulate discussion in your teaching team you may find this presentation useful.

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Academic ghostwriting: to what extent is it haunting higher education?

Students are paying agencies to write their essays. Julia Molinari asks whether it can ever be considered ethical – and what universities can do to detect and stop it.  …


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Update for April 2014

It is hard to believe it is week 6 of the semester. Teaching is well underway and students are completing their first assessments. Six weeks of Awesome are nearly over. This month are focus was quite eclectic and we had posts on the…


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Creating Knowlege Bases

Learning organizations are not simply the most fashionable or current management trend, they can provide work environments that are open to creative thought, and embrace the concept that solutions to ongoing work-related problems are available inside each and every one of us. All we must do is tap into the knowledge base, which…


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A great example of student engagement through working with industry

PTEC drives student dreams with grand prix visits


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Using Five Paragraph Essays to Advance Writing Skills

If you ask anyone who was educated in the United States of America about the Five Paragraph Essay they will invariably smile and laugh. From their  early school years American children are brought up to write and read their five paragraph essay as a term paper. Bart Simpson had to write them.




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Billion pound brain project under way

The BBC's Fergus Walsh: "Some doubt whether this project will justify its billion pound price tag"

Related Stories


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Update for March 2014

With the first few weeks of teaching underway for 2014, it is good to see our new students in the Graduate Diploma in Higher Education programme.  Welcome to you all.  See below for details of our leader board. We have had an interesting range…


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To lecture or not lecture?

To lecture or not to lecture: is technology reinventing the campus?

This resource was shared by Melanie Miller. Thanks Mel!



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Your Personal Learning Network: Do this survey to find out how strong it is

This post originally appeared here:


This survey was recommended by Tamara Bell via my own PLN (who in turn says "Thanks Dee Reid & Linda…


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Developing your learners digital literacies

As part of our month on the subject of literacy, I thought you may find these resources from JISC useful.  Of particular interest is the Literacy Development Framework. (See the example below.) Students are encouraged to identify their current skills and plan for their…


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Every wondered what your colleagues did over the holidays?

Melanie Miller and I were teaching summer school. We had 41 students studying the Certificate in Higher Education from December to February. The students are all graduates of New Zealand polytechnic degree programmes under the Saudi Arabian, King Abdullah Scholarship…


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Information Literacy Tips for Teachers and Learners

This fantastic contribution to our literacy month was prepared by Fran Skilton, Unitec librarian. Thanks Fran!

Information literacy


The concept of information literacy…


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Someone disagrees with me!

Yes, it is true. I wrote in my post in January that I thought MOOCS were dead. However, there is someone who has a different point of view. I have to say he has some good points!…


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NMC Horizon Report - 2014 Higher Education Edition

A new episode of the "NMC Voice" video series is now available! Tune in, and in less than five minutes you can stay up to date on all things NMC. This month's episode features an innovative NMC member project, the recent Horizon Reportrelease, the launch of the NMC Academy, and more. …


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Update for February 2014

Welcome back to everyone who has been away on leave. Our community of teachers has started off the year with new energy. See below for details of our leader board. We now have 468 active members. Please welcome...

Regan Potangaroa

Beverley Clark…


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DIY Maths – Unitec’s award-winning online textbook!

See below for a fantastic contribution to literacy and numeracy education at Unitec from Becca Black, Academic Advisor to the Faculty of Technology and the Built Environment. Diana

Which of our library study guides was chosen as a "Best of" site out of 400,000…


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Welcome to new staff and new teachers

We have a great teaching and learning community here in the Teaching and Learning Community @ Unitec. We aim to support you in your role as an educator in a professional, technical or vocational education programme. Please take time to invite your new staff and new teachers to join our community over the next couple of weeks.…


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Welcome! Feel free to read and add to our events and blog posts, invite new members, and use the material found in our Resources tab above.



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