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Coping with Curriculum redesign issues? Bring the learning to life using the 10:20:70 model

Course redesign, whether driven by you, your students or your institution,  can be a daunting task. But doing it well has great rewards for us as well as our students. It comes down to one question: how do we build more capable, more confident students who can enter a workplace and begin to make a…


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Tools for the future of work: Salesforce bets on social

Salesforce is a very sophisticated application used in business.  You can learn more about it here.



This type of application is going to be widely used in workplaces. Are we preparing students for being "social" at…


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The second best educational wiki for 2011

Resources for History Teachers is the second best wiki according toCarole at Wikispaces Blog.  This site was created by and for teachers of history in the USA.  You can view it here.  ......

What is great about this site is the attention to detail,…


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What is the value in being a Strengths based campus?

We already have some members of our community using a Strengths based approach to encourage and foster students performance and achievement. Now we are keen to know whether a whole campus should be Strengths based.

What is Strengths all about?

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?"

-- Benjamin…

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Integrated Assessment for a Living Curriculum

The aim of this resource is to provide support for teachers designing assessment for a Living Curriculum.

By the end of this post you will be able to;

Knowledge: Understand the concepts and principles of integrated and substantive assessment.…


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What are you up to.

There is a little window that asks - what are you up to?



Helping a new teacher find resources and write questions.

Bring on our computer based assessment!

A colleague left last week. Retired early. I had a chance to talk to him about online learning and how it had affected him.

He said over the last few years he hadn't done a lot of teaching but a lot of marking and posting out work because although there was a lot of online…


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There's a lot of interest in .... Mindmeister

I have been using Mindmeister, the online mindmapping tool for a while, however, due to my snooze on using it over the summer the company offered me five free codes to the Premium version. I advertise these on Unitec Yammer, (join Yammer here using your Unitec email address) and they were quickly snapped up by teaching staff.


So I thought I would explain what is so great about Mindmeister as a teachers tool (planning,…


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Over the ditch and a bit inland

Here are some questions posed from you guys.

I have done my best to answer them.

Teaching at CQIT is in most ways pretty similar to my 20 years at UNITEC. The faces are different and the numbers are different. My max class size is 14, frequently less, only once more at 16.

I teach more hours but the rewards are greater. I have 10 teaching colleagues here at this campus.

I teach diesel fitting apprentices to repair and service heavy earthmoving equipment. Big coal…


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Upcoming professional development workshop

Hello everyone, 

we are offering a range of professional development workshops in March and April. The aim of these workshops is to give you what you need to know and what you need to know how to do within your own practice. We would like you to bring along to the workshop the course descriptor and assessments for your favorite course.  We will be working with you to revise and further improve your already great course. 

Book your professional development…


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Higher education in the coffee shop?

The coffee shop is the future of . . . well, everything


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Teaching & Learning Community Update, May 2, 2012

Kia ora!

Welcome to 2012.  We have had a lovely long holiday and enjoyed the summer.


Now we are refocusing our work from 2011 to 2012.  The priority this year is curriculum renewal with 53 programmes moving through the process. To assist programme teams to make good decisions, Edward Flagg, Becca Black and Diana Ayling have…


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