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Edge Hill photo

It's great to see the photo of Edge Hill LRC.

We're fortunate in the NZ library community that Sue Roberts, who was Dean of Learning Services & Director of SOLSTICE there, is now University Librarian, Victoria University Wellington.

Sue continues to share her enthusiasm & expertise, especially in digital library development & eLearning, and communities of practice.


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Designing, Managing and Evaluating Assessment Items.


In this discussion we canvas all aspects of assessment including


1. Assessment design and learning goals.

2. Creating assessment criteria and marking guides.

3. Gathering evidence from students.

4. Managing student issues around assessment.

5. Giving feedback to students.

6. Reflecting on our own assessment practices.

7. Evaluating the effectiveness of assessment items.

By the…


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Self and Peer Assessment - an interactive workshop


Performance : Peer and Self Assessment

You will need a map of Unitec for each participant in the workshop. Access to the Internet, and a projector for this workshop.

Working as an academic advisor at Unitec, I have observed that most

teachers have a real reluctance to hand over the power of assessment to

students. As a result peer and self assessment techniques are rarely

used on campus. Teachers appear to be both fearful and suspicious… Continue

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Do you want to know what Facebook is saying about you? Try this tool.


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Are you needing a quick overview and guide to eLearning?

An Apple MacBook in an aluminium casing.

Image via Wikipedia

I know a number of teachers are currently feeling overwhelmed by the demands of elearning. We have a simple tool available for you to self assess your current… Continue

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The Three Essential Skills for Students and Teachers.

Who would have thought that information and communication technology would change our world so quickly and fundamentally. You will be interested to know that three new skills have been identified for both students and teachers in the new media of social network services.

These skills are:

To be confident in publicly publishing our ideas (Represent ourselves on line, Create and… Continue

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Does your team need some help to define itself and its activities?

From time to time teams need to take time out to reflect on and evaluate their own performance in order to set new goals and priorities. This simple model from Nancy White is a good…


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Innovation Starts with Empathy

Image via Wikipedia…


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Are you revising your learning outcomes?

Sometimes it is nice to have a clear and concise summary of a concept we all use and share. This can be especially beneficial when a discipline team is working together to revise courses. Here is the link to Mindtools summary of Blooms Taxonomy and the Revised Taxonomy. There are some nice examples to illustrate each level.

Check it out here http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newISS_86.htm

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As we move toward the eLearning Strategy.....

As we move closer to teaching and learning which is enhanced by information and communication technology it is worth considering the essential skills teachers and students need to succeed. Is the Village Common in a Cloud? is a presentation for the New Zealand Cooperative Education Annual Conference, 2010, Institute of Sport and Rugby, Palmerston North. The presentation lists some the key skills staff and students will need for the new environment where the traditional meeting place of the… Continue

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Students’ experience of transition from low-mid decile schools to university

This report from the Starpath project found that surviving the transition from school to university can have a big impact on whether Māori and Pacific students succeed at tertiary level. The study examined the stumbling blocks that cause so many able students from low-decile schools to struggle once they reach…


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Literature Review: VLEs and e-Learning in the Context of Te Reo Māori and Kaupapa Māori Education

The Ministry of Education has identified the need to further explore the use of
Virtual Learning Environments particularly in the context of te reo Māori and
kaupapa Māori education. This literature review was sought to provide further
understanding for the Ministry of Education in this area.

Go to the Executive Summary and links to the whole report.

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Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning


The Higher Education Academy published the book Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning in December 2009. Although the book has its genesis in the e-learning Benchmarking & Pathfinder Programme led by the Higher Education Academy from 2005-2008 readers will find that the book contains a thought-provoking edited collection which offers far more than a straightforward account of outcomes of one national programme; you will find that…


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Social Networking Utilized by Academic to Improve Student Satisfaction

Retrieved 13 April 2010 from: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100412084529.htm

ScienceDaily (Apr. 12, 2010) — Social media could provide a solution for dealing with dissatisfaction among students on the levels of academic feedback they receive at university. A University of Leicester researcher is trialling the use of social media to enhance feedback --…


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A challenge to stay true to your intentions.

Check out this very interesting article from Web Worker Daily.


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Could it work here? Finland's schools get the best results

"Last year more than 100 foreign delegations and governments

visited Helsinki, hoping to learn the secret of their schools' success.

In 2006, Finland's pupils scored the highest average results in science and reading in the whole of the developed world. In the OECD's exams for 15 year-olds, known as PISA, they also came second in maths, beaten only by teenagers in South Korea.This isn't a one-off: in previous PISA tests Finland also came out top.…


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Outsourcing marking? What do you think?

Check out this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, on the trend to outsource grading papers.


The company argues that professors freed from grading papers can spend more time teaching and doing research.


Professors and on-site teaching assistants, she says, are better positioned to learn enough about individual students… Continue

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Online Interactions Have Positive Effects for Real-Life Communities

Retrieved 7 April 2010 from: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100405131730.htm

ScienceDaily (Apr. 6, 2010) — If you think Facebook, Twitter and other Web sites that foster online communication and interaction are merely vapid echo chambers of self-promotion, think again, say

two University of Illinois…


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Another reason for timely response to student work

Retrieved 1 April 2010 from here.

Motivation by Anticipation: Expecting Rapid Feedback Enhances Performance

ScienceDaily (Mar. 31, 2010) — There are a number of factors that influence how well we do in school, including the amount of time we study and our interest in a

subject. Now, according to new findings in Psychological Science,



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