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The Ako Award Portfolio, Part 2

The NZ National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards, managed and administrated by Ako Aotearoa, provide a forum for our best teachers to articulate and then share their teaching identities, practices and accomplishments. This resource id designed…


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Improved home page and workshops for teachers creating their practice portfolios.

Good news! We upgraded our home page to make it more interactive.

What’s new?

  • You can now post status updates directly from the home page.
  • Comment and “Like” photos, videos, blogs, or status updates while on the home page.
  • Larger photo thumbnails!
  • Play videos directly on the home page.

It's now even easier to see what's going on and for everyone to participate. Go check it out!


Also we are running workshops for…


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Hang In There! Dealing with Student Resistance to Learner-Centered Teaching

This article appeared recently in TOMORROW'S PROFESSOR eMAIL NEWSLETTER (edited by Rick Reis) and resonated with a couple of discussions I have been part of in departments where teaching staff were commenting on the issue of "selling" the living cirriculum approach to students.How do the comments and perspectives represented below sit with you?
The article was written by Richard Felder of…

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What is continuing professional development?

Reposted from Training Zone http://www.trainingzone.co.uk/topic/cpd/what-continuing-professional-development/160395


As a part of our CPD month, Stephen Walker…


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Engaging Maori, Youth and Pacific Learners Workshop





Last week Ed, Betsy and I attended the two day workshop, offered by Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi. The workshop is designed specifically for those of us who teach Maori, Young and Pacific learners.


The aim of the…


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Study: It's not teacher, but method that matters

12:14 PM Friday May 13, 2011  Reposted from http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10725393

A Canadian study found college students learned more from…


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wairaka.com full function of apps 'Up and Away'

With the dedicated I.T. team working in collaboration with Jan of Hapara.com, we are about to realise an important goal.

Many staff members migrating into e-learning pathways have been using free google tools to work with students and trial

e-strategies to learning. We will now be looking to bring the 'Teacher desktop tools' and more fluid access across our student interactions with the advent of full google apps activation.

It's going to be another learning curve and… Continue

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Evaluation for the Living Curriculum


Do you approach your *evaluative practice* as you approach your *research


We find that a research approach to evaluation fits the bill quite nicely

when it comes gathering data about your teaching practice.

   1. Develop your over-arching question(s)

   2. Conduct a literature review on your current practice (design,

   assessments and teaching methods)

   3. Determine who your informants should be and the methods you will use



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Seven Trends in M Learning

A good summary of the advantages of MLearning from Martin Addison.

Full article found at http://www.trainingzone.co.uk/topic/seven-trends-make-m-learning-inevitable/154136



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Monthly Digest of Teaching & Learning - June 2011

Kia ora koutou,

It's been a very busy time with Living Curriculum-related enquiries and resources. Activity on the T&L Ning in the last month shows that the most popular blogs and resources addressed the Living Curriculum and a range of issues around social media. It's particularly nice to see Penny and Rosanne from the Library's contributions featuring here in top content this month!


New Members:

We welcome to our community Gary Osborne,…


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Sharing practices: Real-world learning in the Dept of Construction

Jim Cornes and his students know the value of a knotty problem.


They routinely scratch their collective heads over issues such as building weather-tightness, or how to ensure neighbours are all onside with development plans, or maybe an arcane aspect of historic building legislation. Jim's a Lecturer in…


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The TrainingZone interview: Charles Elvin

This interview is an interesting take on how corporates view academia.





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More thoughts on planning for graduate success

At the recent ACEN workshop at the University of Technology Sydney, Simon Barrie spoke about designing programmes for student work integrated learning. Barrie is currently based at the University of Sydney and has undertaken a significant research project on graduate profiles in higher education.  Barrie suggests a need for various stakeholders in higher education to recognise the inherent complexity of designing for graduate success.  He identifies the enormous…


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Sharing practices: Collaborative learning as meaningful problem-solving in the Dept of Education

What happens when you ask a roomful of educational leaders to work in groups on a project that’s close to their hearts? Well, the instructions on a box of fireworks come to mind:

Light taper and stand well back.

Such instructions are usually followed by an explosion – in this case, an ‘explosion’ of collaborative activity. Teams of…


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Workshop: Teaching and Learning for the Living Curriculum

By the end of this workshop teachers will be able to:

  • Understanding the concepts and principles of active learning to meet the Living Curriculum.
  • Design an active lesson to constructively align with the graduate profile, course learning outcomes and assessments.
  • Value integrated course design, assessment, and active learning to achieve significant learning experiences for students.
  • Work both independently and within their teaching…

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