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Do you know your strengths?

Feedback: Key to continuous learning

To know one's strengths, to know how to improve them,

and to know what one cannot do – are the keys to continuous learning.…


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Retention and success linked to tertiary funding

If you're not fully convinced by pedagogical and pastoral arguments for focusing on retention and success, how about financial arguments? Revised educational performance indicators released by the government in March 2010 show how tertiary organisations' performance is going to be linked to funding.

From 2012, up to 5% of TEOs' EFTS funding will be at risk on an annual basis. Details are still to be thrashed out with TEOs, but essentially, government funded…

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Critical Incident Questionnaire

Stephen Brookfield designed a useful evaluative tool called a "Critical Incident Questionnaire" or CIQ. The idea is to provide students a quick way to provide anonymous feedback to the instructor on course content and presentation. I believe Brookfield suggests offering the CIQ at the end of class every day. In my Foundation Studies courses, I found it useful to use once a week for my class of 24 students. I adapted Brookfied's CIQ to my course and came up with the following questions:… Continue

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Big Brother knows your heartbeat...

Are you reading this from your iPad? Your iPhone? Be careful!

This article reveals some frightening details about the data Apple wants to gather on you, from your image to your heart rate, all for its own purposes, and all without you knowing it. Please… Continue

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Are you a good teacher?

How would you like to do some self evaluation of your skills and abilities as a teacher.? Self evaluation and reflection are powerful learning tools for students and teachers.

Here are the Ako Aotearoa national teaching awards criteria for 2010.

Design for learning

The nominee has a track record of successful course and/or programme design, including:

design for the…


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Living Curriculum Wiki - Please visit and add your resources!

This wiki is just a collection of resources we assembled and linked to that are loosely based around the terminology and concepts found in the Living Curriculum. It is a public wiki so you are all most welcome to upload/share links as well as download.

It is by no means comprehensive, it is constantly a work in progress, growing and improving through all our contributions.…


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Our new look!

As members will have noticed, we have been busy giving the Teaching and Learning Community at Unitec a new look. We have new colours, new features and new groups. This is all part of our continued support for teachers and student learning experiences.

Here's a… Continue

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Writing a Reflective document: The DIEP framework

Here is a framework to help students and staff write reflectively. This framework leads writers step by step through the reflective process.


DIEP := Describe -> Interpret -> Evaluate -> Plan


  • Describe objectively what you learned from the incident
  • Respond to the question: “What did I observe, hear, and learn from the…

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Are your students working on groups projects? We have a really useful tool for....

your students, to help them plan, organise and collaborate, Fellowstream. Read on for more...

Fellowstream is in the News!

Every small business' dream is to gain a handful of customers willing to spread the word about its service. In August,…


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Monday Morning Productivity Jump Start

Monday Morning Productivity Jump Start


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10 Tips seem to be gaining momentum

Image via Wikipedia

We all want our students to succeed. Sometime… Continue

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Experience real world learning through practice based learning

Unitec has committed to practice based learning as part of the Academic Strategy.

These commitments are as follows:

•Unitec will put the concept of real world learning fully into practice;

•our guiding principal is to educate people for work, in work and through work;

•attributes of the ‘practice-focused’ educational experience [that Unitec wishes to provide] include that it is contextualised and situated in practice;

•all… Continue

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New Zealand Association of Cooperative Education ACE Talk Newsletter June 2010

ACE Talk is the newsletter of the New Zealand Association of Cooperative Education. You can read it here. Newsletter.

NZACE is a non-profit organisation that promotes co-operative education to education providers, business and industry and government in New


Our membership consists of staff from institutions… Continue

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Welcome! Feel free to read and add to our events and blog posts, invite new members, and use the material found in our Resources tab above.



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