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How do we connect with people using technology?

From http://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/lifelong-learning-online-is-about-connecting-people.html

Individuals now have the autonomy to make their own learning choices and in recent years there has been an emphasis on the “self made learner”, especially

in adult education and ongoing professional development. As such, online

communities and other so-called…


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When did you last consider the basics of your subject?

Image via CrunchBase

Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I firing on all pistons?” or “Am I playing the education game with attention to all of the critical essentials of effective gameplay?”… Continue

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Achievements, issues and ways forward: reflections on the English experience - Helen Casey seminar 20 October 2010

Helen Casey is the Director of the NRDC, the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy in England. She shared some experiences and research results with us, focusing on four areas: returns on investment in adult learning; family learning; embedded approaches; and teacher education and professional development for adult literacy tutors. Her ability to look with participants at the relevance of the findings for teachers in New Zealand…


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Do you have enough time?

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Teachers tell us that the biggest barriers to their… Continue

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Unitec Teaching and Learning Community Digest

Where Teaching and Learning Matter

A message to all members of Teaching & Learning Community at Unitec

New Members: Kia ora. We welcome Stuart Peden, Michelle Lee,Paul Bouterey, Doreen Smith, Cheryl… Continue

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Engaging in Complex Conversations

Complex conversations are one of the characteristics of the Living Curriculum. At the recent Learning, Teaching and Research Symposium, I ran a brief introductory session on the nature of complex conversations. This session very briefly introduced some of the literature that influenced our choice of terminology and focus in relation to conversation, clarified the nature of complex conversations and invited participants to engage in a brief activity that simply highlighted the ways in which a… Continue

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New Zealand Government welcomes the rise in literacy participation

Image by…


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Co-creation of knowledge using Wikis.

Wikis give us the opportunity to find, evaluate and share information with others. Wikis are generally are hosted in a cloud, so not need to worry about losing them. Students will have access to the wiki after they leave the course and can subscribe to updates. Before you know it your students will be creating the most update resource base in your discipline.

Take a look at some of our Wikis…


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What skills do students need for the future?

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This was our latest live chat discussion and it encouraged some interesting debate. It seems that before we can teach skills to students we need to be sure we have… Continue

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Invitation to discuss: The Learner's Practice.

We all are familiar with the four competencies of the teacher's practice, and that we should develop our practice so that we are creating the best opportunities for learners to become engaged and then successful in their practice of learning. …


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Are you ready for self evaluation processes?

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

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The New Zealand Qualifications…

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A workable solution for large classes

From time to time we at Te Puna Ako are approached for suggestions on working with large classes. Recently, we viewed this excellent video, which explores how to keep students engaged by employing tutorial assistants. What do you think?…


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A new idea to keep your teaching team focused, balanced and effective.

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