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Using Project-Based Learning to Cultivate Student Engagement and Trust

This is a delightful story of a teacher engaging students, using bring your own devices, and focusing on learner achievement. What can we learn from this example about curriculum, technology and student engagement? - Diana

“I hope that my book becomes at least one child’s favorite,” reflected Monique. “I worked really hard on my book to make sure that the children in Burkina Faso enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it for them.”

This spring, I assigned…


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Ako Good Practice Publication Grants Open

Information about how to apply to the Ako Aotearoa Good Practice Publications Grants scheme in 2012.

About the grants

The Good Practice Publication Grants (GPPG) scheme is a key mechanism through which good tertiary teaching and learning practice can be…


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The NPF 2012-2013 funding round is now open

From Ako Aotearoa:

We are pleased to announce the details of the NPF for 2012-2013, and look forward to supporting change-focused projects that seek to enhance the outcomes for learners in tertiary education.

In our 2012-2013 round, we will be supporting 3 longitudinal…


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July 2012 Recap

Another quiet July, as staff took the opportunity for some holiday. Here are our numbers and latest, greatest hits:

Top Content 


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FABENZ inaugural conference announcement





3 and 4 December, University of Auckland


Call for Abstracts is now open

All abstracts for the…


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SGID training: Policy, procedure & how-to

TPA is once again offering SGID facilitator training to all staff at Unitec.  

Full information and workshop sign-up are provided below.…


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(Why) Do You Engage at Work?

Reflect for moment, if you will, about the reason(s) you engage at work - or don't engage.

In recent research conducted by Kingston University's Business School and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), motivation for engaging in work has been revealed to be a touch more complex…


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Developing your Student Evaluations

Getting feedback from students is a crucial component of any teaching practice: it allows us to monitor and help shape the student experience; it helps us to develop our teaching practice (and captured effectively, provides evidence of that good practice for our teaching portfolios, promotion portfolios, awards portfolios, and others); and student feedback provides valuable information for our programme teams so they may develop courses that better engage students - the number one…


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Working to improve Retention and Success

Student retention and success (R&S) should be the highest priority for any educational institution. What happens between students and their teachers and amongst students themselves is critical to R&S, but everything about a student’s life affects their ability to prepare, participate, and perform in their programme. Educators cannot solve the challenges of our students, but we can be aware of those issues and provide reasonable, compassionate teaching and learning support when those…


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Writing abstracts made simple

Abstract Workshop (handout)

Abstract for Workshop

This workshop addresses the need for students at the postgraduate level to gain the knowledge and skills to write academic abstracts. Writing academic abstracts is an important task and a necessary skill of any researcher hoping to present or publish their work. Students are introduced to the…


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May 2012 Update

Kia ora tatou!


Hope this late Autumn weather is keeping you bundled up with loved ones as the weather turns.


Upcoming Unitec Events

 Upcoming T&L events include two portfolio for staff and student workshops, a Zoho Project Management software worhsop, and a Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) National Conference. For more information, please click through to…


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DEANZ 2012: Tuakana-teina e-belonging: A model of learning and support for tertiary MAori students

Tuakana-Teina e-Belonging is an online mentoring space for Māori learners to connect and…


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DEANZ 2012: Cultural dimensions of learning in online teacher education courses

  New Zealand’s demographic profile is changing rapidly with the diversity of domestic students in tertiary education increasing over the past decade. Māori and Pasifika student numbers have increased and the numbers of students of other ethnicities, particularly Asian, have also…


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DEANZ 2012: Using Online Assessment in Times of Natural Disaster: Are Some Online Assessment Conditions Better Than Others?

As a result of the Canterbury earthquake on 4 September 2010, and associated aftershocks on 22 February 2011 and 13 June 2011, final examinations in the two first-year Economics papers at Canterbury University were cancelled at short notice in Semester 1, 2011. The final…


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DEANZ 2012: Students' ICT skills and their adoption of mobile learning

Technology offers new possibilities to support teaching and learning that may be otherwise be impossible or limited (Bates & Poole, 2003). One of the most recent technologies that have ignited considerable interest is mobile technology. Mobile technology has increasingly…


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DEANZ 2012: Towards a multiversity: A keynote session with Professor Paul Bacsich


Professor Paul Bacsich was our first keynote speaker at this year's Distance Education Association New Zealand (DAENZ) conference in Wellington. Professor Bacsich, from the University of Canterbury, provided a grand overview of the state of eLearning on a global perspective, providing a brief critique…


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Coping with Curriculum redesign issues? Bring the learning to life using the 10:20:70 model

Course redesign, whether driven by you, your students or your institution,  can be a daunting task. But doing it well has great rewards for us as well as our students. It comes down to one question: how do we build more capable, more confident students who can enter a workplace and begin to make a…


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Teaching & Learning Community Update, May 2, 2012

Kia ora!

Welcome to 2012.  We have had a lovely long holiday and enjoyed the summer.


Now we are refocusing our work from 2011 to 2012.  The priority this year is curriculum renewal with 53 programmes moving through the process. To assist programme teams to make good decisions, Edward Flagg, Becca Black and Diana Ayling have…


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Engaging Pacifica Learners

In November Diana and I present the workshop, "Engaging Pacifica Learners" at the second annual Unitec Pacifica…


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A Morning with Jean McNiff

A Morning with Jean McNiff

21 November 2011


We at Unitec were delighted today to be the most recent stop on educator Jean McNiff’s current tour of New Zealand. Focusing on portfolio development and using action research/action learning to help us explore and evidence our work, this morning’s participative session was highlighted by the insights we shared about our professional practices…


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