Writing a Reflective document: The DIEP framework

Here is a framework to help students and staff write reflectively. This framework leads writers step by step through the reflective process.


DIEP := Describe -> Interpret -> Evaluate -> Plan


  • Describe objectively what you learned from the incident
  • Respond to the question: “What did I observe, hear, and learn from the incident?”


  • Explain your personal interpretation of the learning you DESCRIBED
  • Identify new insights and epiphanies
  • Identify connections between your new learning with other learning and your emotional responses
  • Suggest hypotheses, explanations, and conclusions that you infer from your learning incident
  • Respond to the question: “What implications might this learning have for my professional and/or personal life?”


  • Could the process of learning (and teaching) have been more effective and/or efficient? How?
  • Respond to the question: “What is my personal opinion about the value of what I have learned?”


  • Describe and explain how the learning and insights presented above could be useful to you
  • Identify specific SMARTER goals for: Your future profession and/or personal life; Your future approach to learning
  • Respond to the question: “In what ways might this learning incident serve me in the future?”


Virtually verbatim from:

D-I-E-P: A framework for writing a reflective document. (2009). In Turning ideas into action: A toolkit to help implement and execute your ‘knowledge gym’ learning. The Knowledge Gym. Retrieved from http://www.theknowledgegym.com/kgym/index.cfm

See also

Larkin, I., & Beatson, A. (2010). Developing reflective practitioners online: the business of blogs in work integrated learning. Presented at the International conference on work-integrated learning, Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Polytechnic

Other postings about reflection in my blog, http://pogus.tumblr.com/search/reflect

Example of a student’s on-line reflective journal as a blog

Barnes, D. (2009, October 30). Introduction to Marketing for Fashion Blog. Marketing for Fashion. Reflective journal. Retrieved March 22, 2010, from http://danni-ibl.tumblr.com/

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Comment by Peter J MELLALIEU on August 26, 2010 at 16:18
Here is a 'teaser' to another useful resource to guide reflective learning in the context of decision making.

The Choice Map (Adams, M) in Adams, M. G. (n.d.). Change Your Questions, Change Your Life. Inquiry Institute. Retrieved August 26, 2010, from http://www.inquiryinstitute.com/book.htm


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